Martin airshow begins with a 45° rolling line of white smoke that falls into a full developed Flat Spin.

After recovering he will enter a straight downward line to pull out with +6 Gs and enter a half upward loop.

The eagle will  powerstall at the end of the loop into an Inverted Flat Spin, exposing Martin to around 2,5 negative Gs.

He will stop the spin, dive vertical  and accelerate to  210mph. After a pull out with +6 Gs he will fly  horrizontal again.

Next will be a hammerhead  with two 1/4 vertical rolls to present the red eagle to the audience.

It will be followed by a loop . It will be flown below stall speed as it is a zero gravity maneuver.

This is continued by various gorgeous figures such as a half loop, a shark tooth and rolls in multiple angels, Martin will fly a cuban eight with two 1/2 rolls and a fishtail right in the center of the box. This will position him for two low passes in inverted and in knife-edge from both sides of the runway. He will then land in front of the audience.